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Transform conversations into concise, actionable, and intelligent insights.

Fuel Performance from the classroom to the boardroom with human-centered AI.

“Enterprises with intelligent & collaborative work environments will see 30% lower staff turnover, 30% higher productivity, and 30% higher revenue per employee … ” – International Data Corporation

Step 1

Upload Recording(s)

Simply upload a recording
or use our Enterprise API.

Uploading a video
Processing the recording
Step 2

Review Insights

Our proprietary AI converts underlying audio trends into real-time, actionable insights.

Step 3

Unlock performance

Make data-driven decisions that fuel individual & team growth.

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The Harkness AdvantageTM

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Data-Driven Decisions

Make decisions based on data and eliminate wasteful practices.

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Build Trust with Remote teams

Help foster a sense of belonging by ensuring conversational balance.

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Save time & Free up calendars

Find optimal meeting size & participants, while keeping everyone up-to-date without needless back-and-forth.

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Build & Protect strong cultures

Use our early warning system to identify small issues before they fester and threaten organizational health. 

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Objective Feedback!

Honest and unbiased feedback will help you improve.

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Actionable Insights

No more surveys, polls, or stabbing in the dark. Make decisions based on clear data.

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Ensure Equitable Participation

Make sure that every voice is heard in important conversations.

Feature 8 icon

Mitigate Bias

Diverse & Inclusive Cultures are your competitive advantage.


Develop leaders

Give employees feedback based on accurate performance data.

See What People Are Saying

Transformed Awareness with Game-changing Feedback transforms high-stakes conversations into productive discussions that strengthen organizational health.

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